* Sikkim is the only state in India where most of the people have their origin from a different country i.e. Nepal. Yes, you read it right. Maximum population of Sikkim has Nepalese origin, thus outnumbering the natives.
* There are many temples which have been dedicated for various Gods and Goddesses. But rarely is any temple erected in the honor of a human being. This honor has been preferred upon the Indian army soldier Major “Baba” Harbhajan Singh who is hailed as the “Hero of Nathula”. It is believed that his spirit protects all the soldiers who serve their country while serving at the inhospitable high altitude terrain of Eastern Himalayas.
* Second highest suspension bridge in Asia is located in Sikkim. The Singshore Bridge has a span of 198 meters with a depth of 220 meters.
* Sikkim has already become the first fully organic state of India.