West Bengal

*In 1901, Rabindranath started a school at Shatiniketan named Brahmachary Ashram that was modeled on the lines of the ancient gurukul system. After he received the Nobel Prize that enhanced not only the Pride of India but also the prestige of Shantiniketan, the school was expanded into a university. It was renamed Visva Bharati, which Tagore defined as “where the world makes a home in a nest.”
* Kolkata Metro is the oldest metro in India, which was started on October 24, 1984.
* In terms of the unique trains it daily handles, the Howrah Station is the busiest in India.
* The Howrah Bridge seems to be the identity of the city—but did you know that it’s the one of the largest cantilever bridges in the world, and the largest (and perhaps the only) one in the country?